Bulk Liquid Solutions provides the highest quality and safest flexitank system for transporting a wide variety of liquid cargo around the world. Each of our flexitanks is specially crafted to give you the finest bulk liquid packaging and supply chain solutions for road, rail or sea.
 Bulk Liquid Solutions is at the forefront of flexi tank systems, with more than 15 years of experience in identifying the perfect barrier solutions of propriety to package your cargo safely. Careful attention is paid to countermeasures with regard to compatibility, contamination, oxygen permeation, odour migration, etc.Our flexitanks are extensively used world-wide to transport non-hazardous liquids, both for industrial use and food application, available in capacities ranging from 16000 litres to 24000 litres.
Most commonly shipped items are food, edible and animal oils and fats, juices concentrates, juices, syrups, water, wine, food additives, pharmaceutical, oils, malt, sorbitol, industrial oils, additives, cleaning liquid, emulsions, glycerine, ink, fertilizers, latex, etc.
It is good to know that a flexi tank with a capacity of 24,000 litres inside a 20ft freight container enables shippers to despatch about 40% more cargo per container than a drummed consignment; about 50% more than a bottled consignment; and about 15% additional payload when compared to IBCs